about my coaching

If you work with me, you’ll find I hold space for your growth while stubbornly not putting up with your excuses. You can think of me as a loving-yet-stern granny. (Don’t even start with me, young lady!)

Friendly, curious, artistic, determined, weird. Nonjudgemental about your goals. Owner of an encyclopedic knowledge and interest in the kookiest things you want to talk about. I’m most proud of my ability to connect with people and make them feel valid—no matter where they are in the process.

When I’m not coaching, you can find me drinking strong coffee in sketchy neighborhoods, petting strangers’ cats, and giving pep talks to my succulents.

The Scholarship Society

An intensive, 8 step program that helps you build a solid foundation for scholarship applications, followed by ongoing coaching for further applications.

Though we follow a general path, this experience can be customized for each client. A balance between consulting and coaching, The Scholarship Society covers educational goal setting, soul-aligned resume building, and artful essay crafting while helping you develop the confidence you need to excel. Optional daily check-ins for those who want a more magnified experience.


While The Scholarship Society focuses on essay development for a specific scholarship, I also work one-on-one with students to develop compelling narratives for their college admissions essays and personal statements.

An avid wordsmith, I use my experience as a scholarship application reader to help you create an essay that stands out. This process involves a 30-minute consultation regarding the essays’ objectives, time for the student to brainstorm relevant stories, and a 60-minute meeting in which we draft the essay. (I do not write your child’s essays. I only guide them or push them towards their own personal narratives which are most compelling and need to be shared.)


For those interested in a personalized scholarship list for your student, including scholarships from their prospective colleges, parents’ places of work, and those that match the student’s hobbies, religious affiliation, and career interests – all with known requirements, deadlines, and URLs if available.


confidence & adventure

Confidence Coaching

A life-changing opportunity that guides you into confidence in ways that feel safe and manageable. This coaching experience is completely bespoke but focuses on raw openness surrounding fears and creative goal setting for each individual’s concept of confidence.

I share many of your same confidence-shaking experiences:  trauma and harassment, bullying, body image, difficult relationships and friendships, modern job hunting, loss of loved ones, you name it. And yet I’m living proof that you can still allow yourself to grow into a confident, intrepid person.

Adventure Coaching

For some, confidence coaching may involve removing themselves from their comfort zone and exploring a new state or country. Essentially a multi-VIP day package, this type of coaching allows us to experience new places while undergoing rapid confidence transformation. Adventure coaching for 2020 was originally going to be available from Bali, Italy and the UK. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all adventure coaching is postponed until further notice.


Pssst! Friend. Yes, you. The lost one in the back of the room who keeps saying, “I don’t know what I’m doing with my life.”

This one’s for you. It’s a fast-paced experience that involves dream exploration, owning true dreams and working through shame, guided goal setting (with me, your new BFF and color-coded goal guru), and an ultimate creation of your “game plan.”

Some clients even stay a while after this initial experience, so I can light a fire under them and keep them on track!

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